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Future Great  by  Brandon Laird

Future Great by Brandon Laird
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The void rumbles, sands hiss- time’s hem shakes loose and the borders of space crumble. A figure plummets, a jet sinker dropping from a gunmetal thunderhead. A silver fleck trails behind. They smash the ground far away.A speck crawls from the settling dust. Under a sky of vellum, wan starlight chills a dune-dead horizon. Malegarra cannot see, but feels Phelakterian develop in negative, the water’s black and white vengeance come again to claim the quick and the dead. .As space flattens spheres into distorted maps, so time distends the straight line of doom into a globe- it binds fate’s arcs to a curved continuity like a bubble of glass blown as thin as skin — made to be shattered, draining the sand from a hole at its bottom.On his knees, Malegarra casts his one good arm across the ground in a perimeter around him, clutching madly until his nails skitter onto cold chrome.

Their sharp points bite into its smoothness. The cylinder fits neatly into his hand. He hefts his dead brother’s jetpack, laces a mangled arm through the harness, and slings the shiny contraption onto his bony back.Space bends time. “Thief!” Sounds the claxon in Malegarra’s mind. So many have prostituted it before me, Malegarra coolly dismisses it, it hardly belongs to anyone.The diorama glass cracks a spider’s web then shatters into diamonds. Malegarra rockets free. Though skin and bones, tattered clothes and drained marrow once more, he is now a meteor inverted, soaring up on fire, moving beyond gravity in a blind arc toward his destination.Time bends space.

“Murderer!” Condemnation rings again. The coward was killing my children, Malegarra snorts. What else would a good parent do?He streaks farther and higher. Ana, the beast feels the thought- sameh, he thinks the feeling. In the span of a few labored breaths, he covers the necessary ground. Below him now, the ruins of two ancient vessels scatter the bleak terrain.

“Ana,” he makes heard what was silent, “sameh,” and outward what had been inside.The engine whines, then cracks, then flares a sparking corona. The explosion sends the beast corkscrewing down like a banished sky serpent. Raven smoke coils and twists into a tightening gyre.

Malegarra crashes. A geyser of sand blows quarry-blast high.Malegarra’s half-shattered, misshapen form scrambles from the crater’s lip. He slips through clouds of dust, thrashing wildly about for the carcass of a prehistoric machine one hundred footfall away.

Panting, he turns his face over a shattered shoulder to smell the finish edging closer and closer.A great hydrologic wall, uncountable fathoms tall, shakes Phelakterian’s mantle with teeth-rattling heave as it barrels on- filling a chasm wider than ignorance, the solitary eye of a singular beast bears down to drink the dryness in. This wave of water as tall as the sky rolls forward at the speed of sound. From atop its advance, tentacles as tall as mountains aspire from the maelstrom to the sky’s ceiling. . . .What if ours was not the first world on this planet?What if an entire world, come and gone, lies buried beyond the reach of our science, impossibly forgotten?Imagine: for our world to survive, someone has to remember — for the first time.

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